Ian regularly undertakes commissions of all kinds and welcomes client led projects. He has painted many buildings to commission, ranging from traditional granite houses, to holiday homes abroad, restaurants and shop-fronts, towers, castles and palaces. He has also painted landscapes, cars and boats, illustrated articles in magazines, designed cards, adverts and logos, and painted images which appear on mugs, t-shirts, tea towels & even vehicles, all to commission in Ian’s unique style.

Ian has also been commissioned to design window grills for an exclusive car park, a giant Robot made from used electrical items and a variety of creative elements for the Household Recycling Centre in Jersey.


Contact Ian by phone (01534) 485168, on his mobile 07797832847 or send him an e-mail to Let him know what you have in mind and he will then arrange to meet you to see the house, view or whatever the subject is. Ian will fill out a simple form with the commission details and take a 20% deposit. He will make a series of photos or arrange a time to come back to make the drawing or painting on location.

Ian paints the majority of commissions in watercolour on thick hand made paper (600gsm) which will be mounted on acid-free board with uneven ‘decel’ or torn edges of the watercolour paper showing.

Ian can also undertake commissions in other media and on unusual supports, for example oil on driftwood, so don’t hesitate to ask for an estimate if you have a special request.

The size of the painting is flexible and will determine the cost. Here is a list of guide sizes & prices which are for an unframed mounted watercolour:

6 x 8 inches (152 x 203 mm) …………. £500 

8 x 10 inches (203 x 254 mm) ………… £600 

10 x 12 inches (254 x 305 mm)………… £700 

12 x 14 inches (305 x 356 mm) ……….. £800 

13.5 x 16 inches (343 x 406 mm) ……… £900

15 x 18.5 inches (381 x 470 mm) ……… £1000 

16.5 x 20.5 inches (419 x 521 mm) ……. £1200

18.5 x 23.5 inches (470 x 597 mm) ……. £1400

20.5 x 27.5 inches (521 x 698 mm) ……. £1600 

22.5 x 31 inches (572 x 787 mm) ……….. £1800 

A watercolour which is bigger than 22.5 x 31 inches would require a special paper order which can be quoted for by request.

The format of the paper size is also flexible, so a long thin or square format painting is possible or a framed picture size to fit a specific space.


If you are stuck for a present for a special occasion, why not consider a voucher towards an Ian Rolls commission? Ian can prepare one of his greetings cards as a voucher with a special hand written message. No stress!

Here is selection of previous commissions…



Samares Manor, Jersey 2018






Red Double-Decker. 2017







Wakener’s Court, Hazlemere, England 2016







The States Chamber, Jersey 2016








La Rocque pier, Jersey 2016








“Bramble Cottage”, Gorey, Jersey 2016







“Englefield”, First Tower, Jersey 2016








Château de Salornay à Hurigny, France 2016





les Minquiers, Channel Islands 2015






Centre Point Nursery, Jersey. 2014






Jersey College for Girls. 2014






St Brelade’s Bay & la Cotte, Jersey. 2013






Le Braye Cafe, Jersey 2012





Mobile Library 2012

Jersey Mobile Library 2012





mr R mk 2

Electro-Trash Robot
3.5 metres tall… made from discarded electrical items




My Jem

My Jem (J159) 2011





Embercombe (Autumn)

Embercombe (Devon) 2010





St Brelades Bay from Highcliff

St Brelade’s Bay (Jersey) 2010





Wesley Chapel

Wesley Chapel (on fire) 2009
oil on burnt wood panel




El Tico & lifeguard centre

El Tico & Lifeguard Centre, St Ouen’s Bay, Jersey 2010





Portelet Bay

Portelet Bay (Jersey) 2009





car park window grill (detail)

Car Park Grill (detail) 2010





Kensington Gate Car Park

Kensington Gate Car Park, Jersey (window grills designed by Ian Rolls) 2010






St. Ouen’s Bay (with Surf Shack) 2006






Police Headquarters, Jersey 2005






Oakwell 2005






The Power House, Jersey 2006






Jersey Mobile Library (artwork on vehicle) 2000






States Chambers, Jersey 2006






St.Clement’s School, Jersey 2005






Maillards Auctioneers (Haute Tombette, Jersey) 2006






Beechfield House 2008